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The "Blessed" Organization is the name given by the Federal Bureau of Control to a supposed paranatural criminal organization that comes up in relation to a string of events in which dangerous Altered Items were distributed to unsuspecting innocents. It is unknown if an individual or a group is responsible for the events, or if the source is human at all. However, William Kirklund, the FBC's former Head of Investigations, considered the investigation of the organization to be a top priority.


The source of the "Blessed" phenomena has operated outside of the Bureau's notice for decades, and hides behind a series of proxies in order to interact with its targets, such as unmarked postage, fake names, and PO Boxes. Investigating the events has led FBC agents to seemingly unrelated and broadly spaced locations, including Toledo, the San Fernando Valley, Arkansas, and Sardinia. The sole connection between each of these has been the reoccurrence of the term "bless" in the responsible parties' names. It is unknown if "Blessed" is a human or are humans with a powerful connection to the Astral Plane, or simply an entity or entities directly from the Astral Plane, but it seems to be able to initialize an Altered status onto a desired item. In spite of this control over the nature of Altered Items, the instances of the distribution of these items on record do not seem to fit any interconnecting goal other than to spread chaos.

Though the little knowledge of the organization beyond its connections to specific Altered Items and incidents is currently known by the Bureau, an active arrest order has been put in place against any individuals suspected to be connected to the group.[1]

Documents available to Director Faden point to at least four specific events, unrelated except for their focal use of the word "bless" and their distribution of powerful Altered Items.

  • In 1988, the Songmaster Jukebox may have been initiated as an Altered Item from directly within Tex's Roadside Diner on the day before the restaurant's patrons were transported to an unknown beach location. On the previous day, a service referred to as "Blessed Repair and Service" replaced all of the albums in the Jukebox with the single album it contained when acquired by the FBC. No company in the region could be identified by that name.[2][3]
  • In 1994, a man named Chester Bless ran a self-help course called "The Power of the Board" which used the Guru Surfboard, advertising the item as a supposed miracle worker. After the course began to attract thousands of attendees at a time, it was discovered by the FBC, which soon raided Bless' home only to find that the house was empty and Bless was gone, and only the Surfboard was left there in plain sight.[4][5]
  • In 2016, a series of VHS films were distributed by an organization referred to as Blessed Pictures, using the Movie Camera, originally bought from a movie production crew in Italy and later turned into an Altered Item. The films are created by the camera itself, which is highly independent and capable of sending its target into an augmented reality filled with dramatic representations of the environment, resembling an action movie. After a mail carrier was injured in one such event, the FBC traced the camera back to a PO box in the San Fernando Valley, which was opened in 1968 with no evidence of having ever been used by its owner.[6][7][8]
  • Also in 2016, the America Overnight radio show, an FBC initiative, was directly targeted by the organization in the form of a fondue fountain which reduced Karen Harris, the show's producer, to ash. The package that did ultimately arrive in the studio at some point was traced back to the same PO Box from the Movie Camera investigation, but no further leads have been identified. Compared to the other events on record, which were more focused on creating mayhem, this instance was the first which directly targeted the FBC and was intended to cause fatalities.[9]

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