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Ahti (also known as Entity A-OO1) is a mysterious paranatural entity and the "janitor" of the Oldest House. Assuming the appearance of an older Finnish man, Ahti appeared without explanation in the Oldest House and has subsequently roamed the building as its "cleaner," while being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Control. Ahti's actual origins and significance are unknown.

History Edit

While Ahti is often alleged to be the "janitor" of the Federal Bureau of Control, in reality, he is an extremely powerful paranatural entity who appeared without explanation in the Oldest House at some point following its discovery. Ahti's origins are wholly unknown, and Bureau agents have struggled to understand him for a number of years. Ahti himself possesses a number of powers, seemingly capable of telepathy (directly responding to Jesse's inner monologues with Polaris), and possesses a casette player capable of navigating the Ashtray Maze, a feat once considered impossible without the Cigarette Object of Power. Aside from Jesse, Ahti is the only individual in the Bureau to resist the Hiss without an HRA.

Ahti seems to be connected in some way to the Foundation, which he described as his "vacation spot," which suggests a connection to the Astral Plane or the Board, or the origins of the Oldest House. After aiding Jesse in subduing the Hiss during the Hiss invasion, Ahti disappeared into the Foundation and has not been seen since.

Personality Edit

Ahti is an offbeat and somewhat unsettling individual with a nonetheless kindhearted personality. While Jesse sometimes has difficulty understanding him, she trusts him and believes him to be a friendly, welcome face in the Oldest House. This sentiment is shared by Simon Arish, who describes Ahti as his "favorite coffee break buddy".

Trivia Edit

  • Ahti first appeared in the E3 2018 Control demo. His character was officially revealed on the Control Twitter page on June 3, 2019.[1]
  • It is implied that Ahti knows the Old Gods of Asgard (Tor and Odin Anderson) from Alan Wake, as he refers to the tape of "Take Control" as a "present from my friends to you."
  • Ahti is the name of the ancient Finnish god of water.
  • Ahti likes to swear in Finnish and uses a lot Finnish idioms translated in English.
    • For example "yesterday's grouse's son" (eilisen teeren poika) is an idiom with same meaning as "I wasn't born yesterday", while "last winter's snow(s)" (menneen talven lumia) means things that are long forgotten.


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