Jahaa, jaa-a, you think there's a dog buried in this?


Ahti is the janitor for the Federal Bureau of Control working at the Oldest House. He is described as an "offbeat loner" who seems oddly at home in the endless strangeness of the Oldest House. In Control, Ahti can assign Jesse various tasks involved in cleaning up the Oldest House; Jesse empathizes with him due to having once been a janitor herself.

Descripton Edit

Ahti is an offbeat and somewhat unsettling individual with a nonetheless kindhearted personality. While Jesse sometimes has difficulty understanding him, she trusts him and believes him to be a friendly, welcome face in the Oldest House. Ahti is implied to be much more than he seems, with his origins seemingly unknown to even the Bureau; he appears to have telepathic powers (capable of hearing Jesse's inner monologues to Polaris), and also possessing a cassette player capable of navigating her through the allegedly impenetrable Ashtray Maze. Ahti seems to have a connection to the Foundation, a location in the Black Rock Quarry, as it is where he disappeared to after helping Jesse reach the Dimensional Research area.

Trivia Edit

  • Ahti first appeared in the E3 2018 Control demo. His character was officially revealed on the Control Twitter page on June 3, 2019.[1]
  • It is implied that Ahti knows the Old Gods of Asgard (Tor and Odin Anderson) from Alan Wake, as he refers to the tape of "Take Control" as a "present from my friends to you."
  • Ahti is the name of the ancient Finnish god of water.
  • Ahti likes to swear in Finnish and uses a lot Finnish idioms translated in English.
    • For example "yesterday's grouse's son" (eilisen teeren poika) is an idiom with same meaning as "I wasn't born yesterday", while "last winter's snow(s)" (menneen talven lumia) means things that are long forgotten.


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