Certain Altered Items - Objects of Power - cause large-scale Altered World Events, or AWEs. These AWEs seem to represent instance of other realms, perhaps other dimensions entirely...

–Unknown, Control demo

Altered World Events (AWEs) are paranatural events investigated by the Federal Bureau of Control. These events occur as the result of paranatural forces from other dimensions influencing ordinary reality. The term AWE refers broadly to any sort of major paranatural occurrence the Bureau investigates, including the manifestation of Altered Items or Objects of Power, the emergence of a Threshold, or other unexplained phenomena related to alternate dimensions or the human collective unconscious.

Nature Edit

The term "Altered World Event" appears to be used broadly by the Federal Bureau of Control to refer to any noteworthy paranatural occurrence. Paranatural phenomena at large are governed by psychological forces, including the Jungian concepts of collective unconscious, synchronicity, and archetypes. AWEs are violations in the known laws of consensus reality which correlate to these psychic forces, often under the influence of various extradimensional beings (such as the Board, the Hiss, or Former). Because of the broadness of the term, there are a variety of different phenomena which the Bureau classifies as AWEs, including the creation of Altered Items or Objects of Power (i.e. Albany, NY, 2006), the discovery of a Place of Power (i.e. Butte, MT, 1992), the emergence of a Threshold between two dimensions (i.e. Bright Falls, WA, 2010), or other unexplained events related to paranatural forces (i.e. Havana, Cuba, 2017).

It is believed that most if not all AWEs are the result of forces from other dimensions influencing ordinary reality. These respective relations appear to be governed by resonance, a classification of frequencies and energies existing beyond standard physical models of reality. Entities composed of resonance such as the Hiss or Polaris may make use of AWEs or their byproducts to gain a foothold in reality for their own purposes.

List of AWEsEdit

ID Event Location Event Date
AWE-3 Sawyer County, Wisconsin 06/23/1958
AWE-17 Butte, Montana 09/23/1992
AWE-18 n/a 06/17/1993
AWE-24 Ordinary, Wisconsin 08/30/2002 - 09/14/2002
AWE-29 Albany, New York 02/08/2006
AWE-35 Bright Falls, Washington 09/01/2010 - 09/14/2010 (recurring)
AWE-37 Kyiv, Ukraine 08/13/2011
AWE-46 Sterling, Colorado 05/04/2016
AWE-48 Havana, Cuba 09/23/2017
AWE-XX Willow, Alaska Unknown

References in Other MediaEdit


AWEs are alluded to multiple times in Quantum Break, a title by Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment, the developer of Control, has alluded to Altered World Events on multiple occasions in previous games. In the Alan Wake blog "This House of Dreams" (2012), there is a scene in which a federal agent appears wearing a badge that reads "AWE".[1]In Quantum Break (2016), one Quantum Ripple event will cause numerous conspiracies to arise on the Internet regarding a "Bureau of Altered World Events," affiliated with the organization Monarch Solutions. [2] Additionally, a chalkboard in Quantum Break mentions the acronym AWE as standing for either "Altered World Event" or "Alan Wake Experience."[3] Graffiti reading "AWE" can be found throughout Quantum Break.

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