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I'm averse to using Objects of Power. I don't want to lean on things I ultimately can't trust. But the Ashtray and the Cigarette, smoking there forever, have their uses.

Zachariah Trench, Hotline: Ashtray Maze

The Ashtray and Cigarette (OOP11-KE) are a pair of objects which together constitute a single Object of Power.


The Ashtray and Cigarette consist of a single cigarette within a steel ashtray, which has a maze engraved on the bottom. The cigarette is eternally burning. The object's ability allows any parautilitarian who binds it to create an endless, ever-shifting maze which does not spatially affect its surroundings, at wherever the object is placed. Only the object's binder can naturally navigate the maze, although they can also give access to others.


The object's existence was first known by the Bureau after reports of multiple disappearances from a care facility for the elderly, consisting of residents and local authorities alike. An agent from a team of Rangers sent to investigate discovered the object and recovered it for the Bureau, though the missing people could not be found and were presumed lost in the Maze.

The object was most recently bound to Director Zachariah Trench, who used it to create the Ashtray Maze in the Research Sector to hide the Dimensional Research wing from the rest of the Federal Bureau of Control. The maze still persists despite Trench's death, and proves an obstacle to Jesse Faden when she attempts to access Dimensional Research during the story mission Finnish Tango, as she was not given access by Trench. However, with help from Ahti, who gives her his Pony Walkman with Take Control on it, she is able to navigate through the Maze, after which it ceases to block her path on subsequent journeys.

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