We also encountered an Astral Spike, a strange entity from another dimension, appearing as a giant ball made of spikes that is unpredictable like a glitch.

–Elise Favis, Game Informer [1]

Astral Spikes are an enemy type that appears in Control. They are found within the Astral Plane and in the Quarry, with the exception of one Spike which was able to infiltrate the Oldest House, where it was studied and contained within the Astral Exhibition of the Research Sector.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Astral Spikes are mysterious entities found within the Astral Plane, made up of violently shifting and morphing pieces of the type of black and gold marble found in the Astral Plane. It is unknown if they are sentient or driven by base "programming" similar to that of Altered Items, but they are found to travel slowly towards biological organisms within a certain range, shifting more aggressively as if alarmed or angry. Proximity to unsecured inorganic objects results in them gaining an element of weightlessness, causing them to float towards the Spike only to be knocked away by its unpredictable movements. The danger of the Astral Spike comes not only from the violent trajectory of the Spike's mass, but also from a passive wavelength they emit which causes the disruption of organic and inorganic matter within a certain range, the effect of which becomes magnified as the distance closes. Though the Spike appears to gather mass in the same way that a tornado would, it only "keeps" the shifting marble polyhedrons from the Astral Plane, violently projecting any foreign matter away. The shape of the total volume of the Spike's mass follows no logical pattern or symmetry, but the marble polyhedrons change shape in unison and each assume the same shape simultaneously.

History[edit | edit source]

Astral Spikes were first observed by Astralnauts, specially trained Bureau agents trained to navigate the Astral Plane and have their brainwaves turned into footage. Though the agents could only enter the Astral Plane through their minds, it was discovered to exist as an actual place, and its inhabitants could get out. One such Astral Spike (then called an Astral Fugue) "hitchhiked" a ride in an agent's head to get into the Bureau. It burst through the agent's head, killing them, and went on a rampage before being contained.

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