I'm detecting an anomaly. Abnormal energy fluctuations from cell 715 on the Panopticon's upper level. It's escalating!

Emily Pope speaking to Jesse Faden, Control demo

The Benicoff TV is an Object of Power contained by the Federal Bureau of Control in the Oldest House.


The Benicoff TV is a small, old-fashioned television which possesses the power to levitate and affect the environment around it, inducing shifts in the Oldest House much like other Objects of Power. The TV's screen usually displays static, but sometimes changes to spiraling images resembling the shifts it induces.

The Benicoff TV was contained by the FBC within Panopticon Cell 715 but broke free of containment during the Hiss invasion, causing abnormal energy fluctuations. Jesse Faden was able to bind to the OoP and return it to containment.

Trivia Edit

  • The Benicoff TV was the first Object of Power revealed for Control (excluding the Service Weapon), first appearing in the game's announcement trailer in June 2018 and being featured in various early gameplay demos.
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