Northmoor was all about power. A man like an explosion, hungry for authority, for order, for more, until it was too much.

Zachariah Trench

Broderick Northmoor was the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control preceding Zachariah Trench, and the first Director chosen by The Board. He personally despised Trench and Theodore Ash, Jr., never expecting the former to follow as Director, and being disgusted in the latter. At some point, Northmoor lost control of his own paranatural powers, and reluctantly agreed to be contained in the Maintenance Sector and used to power the Oldest House.

Time as Director[edit | edit source]

Northmoor discovered a pistol lying on a stone pedestal when he explored the Oldest House for the first time. When he picked up the pistol, he became the new Director and was the first person to use the Service Weapon and communicate with the Board, beginning a new age of the FBC in the Oldest House.

Dr. Theodore Ash, Jr, Northmoor's Head of Research at the time, noted that he "ranted about the title [of Director] being meaningless before now calling Father and all the other previous directors shams, frauds, and worse."

Northmoor insisted on calling the building the Oldest House, and presumably ordered Ash to create a permanent examination lab in the Foundation.

On Day 51, Northmoor ordered an "all-hands" search for any objects like the Service Weapon in the Oldest House. He frequently talked "about joining 'greater causes'" at the time, and mentioned seeing a black pyramid. According to Ash, Northmoor said that he looked up at the inverted pyramid, which symbolizes "conflict and stagnation".

Northmoor ordered Ash and his crew to move to the upper floors of the Oldest House after the Id killed two members of Ash's research team. Ash was unhappy with the decision and said, "I won't go. I'll refuse. Northmoor won't be happy, but so be it. I'm starting to see him for what he was. An impotent storm. Father's shade in a cheap suit."

What little we see of Northmoor himself suggests a pompous, egotistical, imperious, insecure man of questionable sanity. Various recordings from Dr. Ash imply a fanatical devotion to the Board, with Ash in particular referring to Northmoor ranting and raving. Northmoor's language in Correspondence: Northmoor: Medical Results is particularly concerning, betraying an imperious attitude towards the physician and showing something close to a God complex. His desire for control - combined with his loss of control of his powers - is particularly interesting.

Power Source[edit | edit source]

After losing control of his own paranatural powers, Northmoor eventually agreed to "keep the lights on" in the Oldest House. His body was contained in the Maintenance Sector and was the power source of the Northmoor Sarcophagus Container.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Northmoor is implied to have been both the first Board appointed director and also the last director not appointed by them.[1]
  • Knowledge of Northmoor's powering the NSC reactor doesn't seem to be widespread within the Bureau, as an agent can be heard talking it and their belief it was a fusion reactor.

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