Case Files: Ashtray and Cigarette is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Astray and Cigarette (OOP11-KE)


No unique procedures required.


The object is a steel ashtray with a maze engraved on its bottom. An ever-burning cigarette rests in it.

When bound, the object allows parautilitarians to create a maze of shifting corridors without adjusting the dimensions of the space around it. This maze forms wherever the object is placed. Only the binder can navigate the maze, though they may allow others through.

The object is currently bound to Director Trench.


The object was discovered at [REDACTED] by a team of Rangers sent to a care facility for the elderly that had become the center of numerous missing persons reports. Local authorities also disappeared inside after responding to reports.

Agent [REDACTED] discovered the object in a [REDACTED], which indicates it was the source of the disappearances. The whereabouts of the missing persons are still unknown, though they are presumed to be lost in the Maze.

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