Case Files: Benicoff TV is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Benicoff TV (OOP7-KE)


No unique containment procedures required while bound.


A CRT television built by Benicoff and Sons Electrics. The screen is still functional.

The object can levitate itself off the ground to a maximum observed altitude of [REDACTED]. When bound, the object allows parautilitarians to harness this effect for their own use (see report [REDACTED] for the results tested with Prime Candidate [REDACTED]).

The object is currently bound by [REDACTED].


The object was first discovered in a local news story from [REDACTED], Kansas. A figure had been seen [REDACTED] over buildings. The Bureau dispatched agents to the town, who discovered that a man named [REDACTED] had bound himself to the object. Mr. [REDACTED] was detained (see case 39-HQ-656) and the object was brought to the Bureau for study.

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