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Case Files: Bright Falls Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

File text[]

Bright Falls (AWE-35)


Alice Wake, Mr. Wake's wife, was found during the Bureau investigation. She was interviewed and evaluated. She showed signs of severe mental trauma in the form of [REDACTED] memory loss. She was later directed to treatment. It was concluded that she had been trapped in the Threshold during its manifestation.

Notable individuals still missing after the Bright Falls event are FBI Special Agent Robert Nightingale and Dr. Emil Harman (refer to "The Creator's Dilemma" and the file re: the Cauldron Lake Lodge).

Bureau researchers believe this event was the result of a forceful perception of subjective reality (stemming from Mr. Wake) overlapping on our own. Wake has been flagged as a potential parautilitarian (see Prime Candidate Program file for more details).

In 2011, a book by Clay Steward titled "The Alan Wake Files" was published by Roundabout Press (New York and Olympia). Agents interviewed Clay Steward and suspected minor parautilitarian sensitivity. He was placed under indefinite surveillance.


A monitoring station was established at Cauldron Lake to alert the Bureau of any future activity.

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