Case Files: Butte Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Butte (AWE-17)


According to their testimony, the agents had been transported from the Butte home to a roadside motel (named the Oceanview Motel and Casino) and discovered a room key by performing a ritual (see file MOT-01). The key opened a door marked with an inverted black pyramid, which they only learned after a lengthy period of trial and error. After pulling another motel cord found inside this room, they were transported to the Oldest House.

The disappearances of the home's owner and the other locals of Butte have been attributed to the light switch cord, The Oceaniew Motel is now known to have many doors and pathways.

Since the occurrence, identical light switch cords to the one found in the Butte home have begun appearing throughout the Oldest House. At the time of writing, [REDACTED] light cords have been found in the Oldest House, located in the [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] Sectors. These all access the Oceanview Motel, though how exactly this link operates is [REDACTED] but initial hypotheses center on the Butte AWE as a [REDACTED] (see Dr. Darling presentation 24.3 for more details).

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