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Eagle Limited Supplement is one of the collectibles in the AWE expansion of Control.

File Text[]

The Eagle Limited (AWE-44)


The Bureau has gathered concrete evidence that the train derailment was in fact the work of the paracriminal group known as [REDACTED], which, according to the Bureau's intel, has shown a concerning interest in experimenting with the artificial manufacturing of altered materials.

Knowing the group largely operates in the American Midwest, the Bureau worked alongside the FBI to ascertain their movements and rendezvous locations. This cooperation provided agents with information that led to an arrest in conjunction with the AWE case. Under suspicion of involvement, [REDACTED] was brought in for questioning.

An interrogation performed by Agent [REDACTED] resulted in the suspect being kept in a holding cell for two days without food, in breach of the Paracriminal Rights Act. Afterwards, the suspect confessed to his involvement in the [REDACTED] group and provided information on other members in exchange for his freedom.