Case Files: Fan Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

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The Oscillator (AI3-KE)


(extract from formal interdepartmental complaint)

The notion of “fan death” has now become widely known in the region, since Foreign Investigator [REDACTED] met with a local journalist to explain how electric fans operate at speeds that may suffocate users by overly disturbing the air.

As our agency is still young, we must take care to avoid missteps. Any explanation given to the public must provide sufficient yet vague rationale that will reaffirm their certainty that ours is a stable, controlled world. We must tread carefully, especially in this increasingly technological world, with the radio and other innovations allowing information to travel at speeds previously undreamt of. This is precisely why we insist that our department handle all communication with public bodies.

With all due respect,

William S. Powers, Head of the Department of Public Knowledge and Diversions

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