Case Files: Floppy Disk is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Floppy Disk (OOP5-KE)


Must be contained in a cell with no other loose material.


The object is an 8 inch diskette containing Soviet-era nuclear launch codes.

When bound, the object allows parautilitarians to telekinetically lift material and throw it a short distance (see Dr. Darling presentation 11.15 for more information).

The object is currently bound to [RESEARCH] for research purposes.


Stolen from a Soviet military base located in [REDACTED] by agents [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] with the CIA. The diskette contained launch codes to [REDACTED] missiles, believed to be reserved for use against [REDACTED]. After being returned to America, the diskette began throwing computational hardware at members of the decoding team. An informant in the CIA tipped the Bureau off and it was requisitioned by agents the next day.

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