Case Files: Hand Chair Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Human Hand Chair (Al63-KE)


Item must be kept in isolation, removed from other unsecured objects. Under no circumstances is the item to be sat in.


A plastic seat shaped like a human hand from the 1960s. The hand’s palm forms a seat with the fingers acting as the chair’s back.

The item affects gravitational forces, attracting and repelling objects near itself with a force of [REDACTED]. Its fingers have also been observed to change position, though too quickly to be witnessed or filmed. The item may be changing forms rather than moving.

The item only displays these effects during full moons. Sample analysis confirms that it contains human genetic material.


Found in a warehouse at [REDACTED], Albany. A team of ranger trainees (accompanied by an experienced field agent) were dispatched to investigate local rumors when they encountered the item. They successfully retrieved the item (see case PAI-6122 for details).

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