Case Files: Havana Summary is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Havana (AWE-48)


An auditory event occurred at the United States embassy in Havana, injuring the majority of diplomatic staff stationed there. [REDACTED] deaths were reported and the outgoing information has been managed.


Bureau agents arrived at the embassy on the same day as the event was reported through federal channels, but were too late to witness the AWE, which is reported to have been [REDACTED].

Staff experienced sudden intense vibrations and noise, accompanied by an intense pressure in the ears. This lasted for [REDACTED] minutes. No visual phenomena was witnessed. The scene was cordoned off and the embassy staff were transported to the continental U.S.

After Formula 9 was recited in the vicinity, a single cowboy boot began to vibrate, identifying it as an Altered Item. The item was contained and brought to the Bureau for examination (see case file Al85 for details).

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