Case Files: Maneki-neko Procedures is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

File text Edit

Maneki-neko Statue (Al48-PE)


None known.


A ceramic “beckoning cat" figurine, common luck object found in Japanese storefronts.

The following is a list of the item(s) observed altered effects: Non-corporeality, affinity for specific human behavior, and minor physical movement (waving its arm).

Multiple simultaneous incarnations of this item have been observed. Whether these are independent Altered Items acting uniformly or replicated instances of Al48 is unknown.


How the item(s) originally arrived in the Oldest House is unknown. It was first discovered sitting in the Director’s chair and was immediately contained in a Panopticon cell. The next day, an agent noticed two additional figurines had appeared. Hours later, all three vanished. The item(s) has been sighted throughout the Bureau, appearing while agents perform [REDACTED] tasks. It is theorized that fulfilling certain unknown criteria will encourage the item(s) to appear.

Present location is unknown.

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