Case Files: Mannequin Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Waist Mannequin (AI7-KE)


The item was last owned by Madame [REDACTED], an operatic performer from Berlin. After her career ended in a public scandal, she relocated to [REDACTED], Maine for reason unknown. With her came the trappings of her old life, including this item.

Locals report that she rarely left her home in the short years she spent in [REDACTED]. After her death (caused by [REDACTED] [REDACTED]) the state held a public auction of her belongings, seeing as she had no known relatives.

Various conflicting firsthand reports exist, but testimonies by witness saw of the event do contain some common elements. Most every witness saw numerous mannequins break the house's windows, tumbling outside. Some witnesses report bright lights. Some report high-pitched singing. These are unverified. Numerous civilians inside the house at the time of the incident were hospitalized for various injuries. Two were crushed to death.

Agents were conflicting dispatched upon seeing an article regarding these events during the Bureau's daily scans periodicals. The item was quickly identified and brought to the Bureau.

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