Case Files: Meteor Hill Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Meteor Hill (AWE-3)

NOTE: Per Archival Mandates 8.A, this document has been edited to meet current administrative standards. Certain terminology may be out of date.


The retrieved material was subjected to Felstrom's Array, configuration 74-8, but the tests were halted as the matter began to physically elude the equipment. Attempts to constrain the element were made but, under further stress, it became vaporous. The researchers suffered corrosive injuries prior to their deaths.

The child victims at Meteor Hill recounted the material enveloping them in a pleasant manner upon making contact but when discovered, they were [REDACTED] and screaming. Bodily changes were perceived immediately (deformities, loss of pigment in the skin and hair) and mental symptoms surfaced in subsequent examinations (confusion, heightened aggression).

The Department of Public Knowledge and Diversions gave statements claiming the incident was caused by debris from poorIy-made Russian satellites, which the public accepted with no complications.

The children were sent to the Bureau’s recuperation facility in [REDACTED] to receive help, away from society.

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