Case Files: Mirror Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Victorian Mirror (AI60-UE)


The item should be kept in a sealed chamber with minimal external visibility.


A hanging mirror, oval in shape. The frame is made of ornately wrought brass. The item does not reflect its surroundings accurately.

The item's effect is complex. Most notable is the fact that the glass transports individuals to a paranatural space when touched. In this space is an imperfect reflection of our reality. Some objects inside the reflection are simple mirror images, some are [REDACTED] [REDACTED], while some do not appear at all.

The reflection only contains areas within a [REDACTED] distance from the item itself. Relocating the item has proven that the reflection changes to depending on its surroundings. Agents have been sent in to explore the reflection. [REDACTED] has been observed in the test subjects sent inside, believed to be psychosomatic. Prolonged exposure to the reflection is not advisable.

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