Case Files: Movie Camera Supplement is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

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ActionMaxx Camera (AI80-UE)


The item first came to the Bureau's attention after a hospitalized mailman from [REDACTED], Arkansas claimed his injuries had been caused by a movie camera. Further investigation connected the incident to NBC, which was being shipped in the mail truck at the time. The packaged camera was later found in an empty warehouse. The return address led agents to a PO Box located in the San Fernando Valley belonging to a company called Blessed Pictures. Whether Blessed Pictures is involved in the creation and dissemination of the item’s VHS films is unknown (see investigation 13-HO-612).

The following is a list of all known films believed to have been shot by AI80-UE.

- Shoot First, Die Last (unreleased)*
- Coffee Bullet
- Billy's First Car
- Bike Hard
- Delivery Disaster

*ltem was used in the filming of an unreleased western in 1968 on the Italian island of Sardinia. A cast member was killed during an on-set accident, stopping production. It is believed that Blessed Pictures bought the camera when equipment from the shoot was sold at auction.

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