Case Files: Ordinary Summary is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Ordinary (AWE-24)


An AWE occurred in the town of Ordinary, caused by an Object of Power (Slide Projector, ID: OOP15) discovered by local children at the dump outside of town. When a specific set of slides are used in the Projector, the projected images open doorways to other dimensions. Multiple slides were used by the children, resulting in the disappearance of the town’s adult population.


On Aug. 30, 2002, siblings Dylan Faden (10-years-old, see P6 materials) and Jesse Faden (11-years-old, see P7 materials) were playing at the local dump when they found a discarded Slide Projector (see OOP15 case file and Darling presentations [REDACTED] for details).

A team led by Director Trench and Dr. Darling arrived at the site on Sept. 14. The AWE had ended, but the team found the Faden children, who led them to the Slide Projector and the slides, which had been burned with the exception of one. Jesse escaped when agents attempted to detain the pair.

In total, 17 surviving individuals were found in the town. All of them were brought in for questioning and tests (see interviews [REDACTED] and Prime Candidate Program files [REDACTED).

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