Case Files: Plastic Tree Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Holiday Memories Tree (Al14-AE)


(Excerpt from "Altered Speech of Al14" by Dr. Theodore Ash)

“The results are incredible, but more so the speed of discovery this allows us. Al14 copies our speech, but after numerous tests we've discovered that certain words are missing from its vocabulary. We began isolating these words, cross-referencing them with esoteric texts from the early days of the Bureau. We found that these words, when arranged in particular formations and spoken at varying speeds and cadences, elicit a reaction from altered materials.

We tested this specific string of words, a “Formula” if you will, on the other Altered Items kept in the Examination Hall. Varying physical responses were recorded with each one, with an 82% success rate. We've proven that words can tangibly affect these items. Specific applications must be explored, possibly for containment or identification purposes. This will drastically change our approach moving forward.

And to think, there are still more words to be found!”

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