Case Files: Post Box Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Jasper Post Box (AI31-PE)


Black Rock panelling has proven effective in hindering, but not eliminating the object’s altered effect. Agents in the immediate vicinity may still experience paralysis. Keeping a distance of [REDACTED] feet from the cell is recommended unless agent is confirmed to be non-susceptible.


A dark blue United States post box, model [REDACTED]. Paint is chipped at the edges. The item itself is empty, with no mail discovered inside at the time of retrieval.

The item seizes the motor functions of organisms meeting an unknown criteria. Paralyzed subjects are still capable of moving their eyes and limited speech. During tests, approximately 16% of agents remained unaffected by the item. Age, gender, race, height, weight, blood type, eye color, clothing, place of birth, diet, hear rate, and socioeconomic standing are all factors proven to have no correlation to an individual’s vulnerability to the item. Victim’s states of mind were recorded during onset of paralysis, but no emotional correlation has yet been found.

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