Case Files: Pram Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Smoking Pram (AI13-KE)


Containment cell must be properly ventilated. Inhalation of the item's smoke causes [REDACTED].


Item is a baby carriage, with a black shade and steel wire wheels. Left front wheel is slightly bent, causing a distinct wobble when pushed.

Item produces smoke incessantly. Smoke density varies. Smoke is generated without apparent fire or ignition source.


An incident in Paris in 1979 brought the person to the attention of the Bureau. Smoke filled an antique store where the pram was being sold, killing the shop's owner.

UPDATE: Detailed records of the events leading to the item's discovery were destroyed in an incident in the Panopticon. Interviews with living witnesses were re-performed at the order of Archives and Records Chief.

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