Case Files: Refrigerator Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Arctic Queen (Al10-KE)


No unique procedures required.


An "Arctic Queen" brand electric refrigerator model from the 1960s, No cooling functionality. The door is decorated with crayon illustrations by [REDACTED]. The illustrations cannot be removed from the item. All attempts have failed. The paper cannot be burned or torn.


The item first came to the Bureau's attention after it survived the collapse of New York City’s Grand Central Hotel, where it served as an appliance in apartment [REDACTED] rented by a man named [REDACTED]. It became the subject of local infamy after surviving the building's collapse undamaged. Mr. [REDACTED], who was out of the building at the time of collapse ([REDACTED] p.m.), retained ownership of the item until 1974, when the Bureau purchased the item through a false identity.


New altered effect has been observed. See file Al10.F for details. See file Al10.K for new containment procedures.

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  • NYC's Grand Central Hotel collapsed on August 3, 1973 at about 5:10pm.

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