Case Files: Refrigerator Supplement is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Arctic Queen (Al10-KE)


([REDACTED] interview - 11.20.1974)

A: Can you tell us why you left your building that day?

LM: I was running out to get eggs, there was that corner store on 30th. That’s why I left Michael there on his own. Knew I wouldn't be gone long. He was drawing at the table when I left. Had his crayons out. Happy. The building came down when I was a block away. I ran back, started digging. City workers found Mikey later, beside the fridge. The drawings hadn't come off. Tons of bricks fall on it and those drawings are still there. How does that happen?

A: You kept the refrigerator after the accident. Why?

LM: It still had his drawings. God must have kept them safe for a reason, right? I'd get home from work and stare at them all night. I was in a bad way back then.

A: Why did you sell the fridge with your son's drawings still on it?

WM: They'd gotten stuck to it, or something. I thought about cutting them off those magnets, but maybe it was better I didn’t hold on to them, you know? Gotta move on, everyone says. What's my fridge got to do with the building collapse anyhow?

(end of relevant portion)

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  • Of the four confirmed fatalities of the Grand Central Hotel collapse, none match the description of a young boy. Within universe, this is likely due to the Bureau isolating and concealing any mention of his death, along with the likely inclusion of information about the refrigerator's mysterious condition.

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