Case Files: Service Weapon is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Service Weapon (OOP1-KE)


No unique procedures required.


The object's form is variable.

When bound, the object allows parautilitarians to [REDACTED]. This object must only be bound by individuals seeking the role of [REDACTED]. The object will determine whether [REDACTED]. If rejected, the applicant is terminated. This process is dictated by the [REDACTED], though their criteria is unknown.


The object was discovered inside the Oldest House, in the room that is now used as the Director's Office. The popular hypothesis [REDACTED] many forms throughout history, [REDACTED]. Mjolnir, Excalibur, Varunastra, all weapons that [REDACTED] of their wielders. If Objects of Power are the convergence of forces based on the collective subconscious, then this may be the original manifestation of that event. If this is the case, [REDACTED] (see Dr. Darling presentation 11.1 for more details).

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