Case Files: Slide Projector is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Slide Projector (OOP15-UE)




The object is a [REDACTED] with a vertical tray.

The object creates [REDACTED] (see Dr. Darling presentation 26.1 for more details). The only [REDACTED] to successfully produce this effect resulted in the capture of [REDACTED] (see Dr. Darling presentation 26.3 for more details).

Object has not been successfully bound. The parautility of this object does not require binding.


Discovered when the Bureau responded to [REDACTED] (see AWE-24 case file for more information).

Many of the accompanying [REDACTED] were [REDACTED] (see files on P6, P7 for details). The entirety of the [REDACTED] was transported to the Bureau for examination, to find additional [REDACTED] or other altered materials.

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