Case Files: Swan Boat Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Swan Boat (AI19-KE)


No unique procedures required.


Item is made of fiberglass, painted to resemble a swan. Foot pedals allow the item to propel forward in water.

The item emits a pulse of physical force at an estimated force of [REDACTED] (possible connection to OOP5?). Measuring the exact force created by the item has been hindered by concerns from the Human Resources Dept.


The item was seized from an activity rental service called [REDACTED] located on Lake [REDACTED] on Vancouver Island, Canada after it ejected numerous riders over the course of a summer, bringing the boat to the attention to the media.

The item was transported to the Bureau by helicopter. A containment specialist accompanied it, sent to recite Formulas C.9 through 32 recursively. What occurred in the helicopter is not known, but all agents were lost in the crash. The item was recovered and the transported by train. It arrived at the Bureau without further incident.

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