Case Files: Thermos Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

File Text Edit

Oh Deer Diner Coffee Thermos (AI73-UE)


No unique procedures required. Altered status is suspected, but unverified.


A blue coffee thermos with a white plastic cap and a logo of the “Oh Deer Diner” located in Bright Falls, Washington. The cap doubles as a mug.

The item responds to Formula I.16, yet no discernable altered effect has been discovered, other than keeping liquids warm for surprisingly long periods of time. It’s also worth noting that the coffee from the thermos is always refreshing and strong, no matter its quality before being poured into the item.


The thermos was discovered on the shore of Cauldron Lake, outside the town of Bright Falls. Both are known sites of a recurring AWE (see Bright Falls AWE case file for further information). According to witness statements, Alan Wake (see Prime Candidate Program entry for further information), who went missing shortly before the discovery of the thermos, had been seen [REDACTED] collecting similar thermoses for an [REDACTED] purpose.

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