Case Files: Typewritten Page Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Typewritten Page (AI83-KE)


No unique procedures required.


A standard letter-size typewritten page with minor water damage. The page is full of text, but apart from the top seven lines, all the rest has been violently scratched out. Only a few individual words and phrases can be made out.

The page emits a dim glow in the dark. When the text is read, there is a feeling of dislocation, as if witnessing the page being written as you read it and as if reality was being [REDACTED] to match the words on the page. This feeling is made stronger if [REDACTED].

Forensic and linguistic analysis confirm that the text has been written by Alan Wake with the same typewriter as the earlier materials discovered in Bright Falls in 2010 (see Bright Falls AWE case file for more information).

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