Case Files: Water Cooler Procedures is one of the collectibles in Control.

File text Edit

Simulacrum (AI53-KE)


No unique procedures required.

If the item's form is different than any previously reported, then make a note describing the new form.


The object's true shape and appearance are unknown, It has been known to take the form of the following objects: Ring of keys, lunchbox, wrench, microscope, stapler, glasses, mail tube, spoon.

The item is able adopt the physical form of items in its immediate vicinity. The item is capable of limited physical movement, repositioning itself whenever it changes form. This only occurs when it is unobserved, physically and digitally. Because of this, the transition between shapes has never been observed. Reciting Formula I.14 or I.32 causes the item to reveal itself by shuddering.


The item was initially discovered within the Bureau itself. Whether an agent brought it inside (intentionally or otherwise) or it resided here prior to the Bureau's arrival to the Oldest House is unknown.

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