Don't worry. It'll be... quick and painless.

–Dr. Darling, Control ARG

Dr. Casper Darling is the former Head of Research of the Federal Bureau of Control. Responsible for supervising a variety of paranatural phenomena, Darling grew obsessed with the Hedron, an entity discovered in the alternate dimension Slidescape-36 through the Slide Projector Object of Power. Recognizing the threat of the Hiss, Darling created Hedron Resonance Amplifiers (HRAs) to protect the Bureau from its impending invasion.


Dr. Darling began working at the Federal Bureau of Control 24 years ago. During this time, he became the Bureau's Head of Research and was tasked with overseeing the Research Sector. He was a member of Director Zachariah Trench's personal management team. Darling left various recorded videos in the Research Sector to aid scientists in the area in understanding paranatural phenomena and the workings of the Bureau.

In 2002, Darling was one of the Bureau agents responsible for investigating the Ordinary AWE in Ordinary, Wisconsin. At the site, Darling and Trench discovered the Slide Projector Object of Power as well as Dylan Faden, a powerful parautilitarian. Both were returned to the Bureau; Dylan became a Prime Candidate under Darling's care, while the Slide Projector became a subject for research, with the only surviving slide - Slidescape-36 - being explored in various expeditions led by Darling. In spite of casualties resulting from the resonance of Slidescape-36, Darling's teams recovered the Hedron, a paranatural entity and a conduit of Polaris's resonance. Darling became obsessed with Hedron, believing it to be the key to a true understanding of the paranatural.

As Dylan became more volatile and began killing FBC agents, Darling, who had initially defended him, eventually allowed him to be moved to the P6 Cell for the Bureau's safety. Sometime later, Darling became convinced of the impending threat of the Hiss, and began development of HRAs (Hedron Resonance Amplifiers) to protect many of the Bureau's agents from the entity. When Zachariah Trench unleashed the Hiss upon the Bureau on October 29, 2019, Darling locked himself in the Hedron chamber using a large-scale HRA. His current whereabouts are unknown; in one of his videos, Darling implied that he himself had left ordinary reality, through Hedron.



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