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Many wings and individual rooms within the Oldest House are restricted to Federal Bureau of Control agents with a certain Clearance Level, which is encoded on their ID cards.

After becoming Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, Jesse Faden is not automatically granted Director-level clearance due to the disruption caused by the Hiss invasion. Instead, she must find the necessary ID cards or the individuals holding them so that she can access all of the Oldest House's secure areas. Although higher levels are known to exist, the highest Clearance Level that Jesse is able to obtain is 6, but she is still able to enter more restricted areas by alternate means.

Clearance IDs

Clearance Level Original ID owner Where obtained Notable areas accessible to this level
1 Unidentified Mail Room staff Mail Room entrance
(Unknown Caller)
2 Ahti Janitor's Office
(Directorial Override)
3 Emily Pope Board Room
(Old Boys' Club)
4 Helen Marshall Luck & Probability
(Old Boys' Club)
5 Casper Darling Black Rock Lab
6 Lin Salvador HRA cage in Central Executive
(The Face of the Enemy)
9 Rupert Wells N/A
Director Zachariah Trench N/A

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