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Control Points are the leylines, the meridians of the Oldest House where The Board tethers themselves to the building for access. The Director can, through a combination of science and rituals, stabilize local areas in the Bureau to ensure a relatively Shift-free workplace for Federal Bureau of Control personnel.

It took a long time for the Bureau to learn how to stabilize the Control Points. Dr. Theodore Ash, Jr. created the points and his successor, Darling, discovered that the Director must cleanse the Control Points of all interference in order to stabilize them. Without the Control Points, the Oldest House would swallow the Bureau occupants alive, sealed inside an endless labyrinth.

The Control Points are also the Bureau's weak point, if an enemy could corrupt the Control Points they could spread throughout the building like a cancer and circumvent containment protocols such as the firebreaks.

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Control can craft Astral constructs, such as weapon forms and mods, as well as translocate between other stabilized Control Points throughout the Bureau. This is facilitated by the Board exclusively for the Director. Director Faden is apparently the first Director who has been paranatually strong enough to utilize the teleportation capability of Control Points, as Emily Pope was shocked that it was even possible.

Control Points were corrupted by the Resonance of the Hiss during the invasion of the Oldest House, requiring Jesse Faden to cleanse any she came across as she made her way through the Bureau.

Related achievements-trophies

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Discerning the Pattern.png Discerning the Pattern Cleanse 25 Control Points 30 Silver
Ritual Intuition.png Ritual Intuition Cleanse 10 Control Points 15 Bronze
Ritualistic Thinking.png Ritualistic Thinking Cleanse 5 Control Points 15 Bronze