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About Control

Control is an upcoming third-person shooter video game created by Remedy Entertainment, award-winning developer of critically acclaimed action-adventure video games including Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. A mind-bending Metroidvania-style adventure, Control integrates supernatural abilities, upgrades, and modifiable loadouts for an immersive player-driven experience.

Control is the story of Jesse Faden, whose traumatic past leads her to discover the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret government agency that deals with unexplainable phenomena. Set within the FBC's headquarters, the Oldest House - a shifting, otherworldly skyscraper - Control chronicles Jesse's rise to the role of Director of the Bureau as she fights back against a hostile, contagious force known only as the Hiss.

Control will be released on an unknown date in 2019.

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The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC, or simply the Bureau) is a clandestine United States government organization that deals with phenomena which lie outside of scientific understanding. The agency's main goal is to investigate, contain, and study elements which violate the laws of our reality, all while keeping the public safe from these elements. Their headquarters is the Oldest House, a supernatural location in New York City which exists outside of our ordinary reality.

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Control - World Trailer PS4

Control - World Trailer PS4

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"August 4th, 1964: Bureau agents discover the Oldest House, investigating an Altered World Event case in the New York City subway tunnels. It’s a place of power; from the outside, it looks like an ordinary building, a brutalist skyscraper. But inside, it breaks the laws of our reality – unstable, mad, shifting. There are rooms in the building where other dimensions leak in. We call these rooms 'Thresholds.'

"There is a connection between our minds and the unknown, often hostile forces intruding on our world. These forces gravitate toward everyday objects – a gun, a television, a house with a reputation of being “haunted.” So somehow, we affect these events. We’re holding the key, but we don’t have a clue on how to use it. We’re dealing with dangerous, unknown forces here. What’s the cause and what’s the effect? Are we the starting point, or just a necessary evil in this? We’re on a mission to find answers to these questions… or die trying."

- Zachariah Trench, Control world trailer


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