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Welcome to the Control Wiki! We're glad to see you here. Please make sure that you follow our Rules and Guidelines! When editing, please make sure to go by our Manual of Style.


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The Control Wiki is a community-run website for information about the story, lore, characters, gameplay, and developers of Remedy Entertainment's ControlWe strive to promote a cooperative environment for fans of the game to share their knowledge, and for the details of the game to be recorded accurately. To that end, this page will contain basic ground rules and guidelines about behavior on the Wiki.

These rules and guidelines may change with time given new circumstances. These are not the site rules of Fandom but rather guidelines set forth by the administrators of the Control Wiki specifically. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact a member of our staff team.

Basic Guidelines


Anyone is free to edit pages on the Control Wiki to add or remove information. However, here are a few general guidelines:

  • DO NOT include fan speculation and/or theory in wiki articles or in the Trivia section of those articles. The intent of the Control Wiki is to provide accurate information about the lore of Control to all fans, derived solely from in-game content and evidence. Theories provided by characters within the game itself may be included, but theories proposed by fans or speculation based on lore content should not be present in wiki articles. Extrapolation is only permitted if it is strongly implied by the game itself.
  • Control is a game that is based within Northern America, therefore please ensure you are using American English when editing our articles.
  • For pages that contain spoilers of the plot of Control, be sure to include a spoiler template at the top of the page to ensure that readers view its content with discretion.
  • Please ensure that pages match the general format and structure of other pages on the wiki. This is particularly the case when dealing with in-game documents and videos, as their large numbers necessitate thorough organization so that they can be located easily.
  • Limit the number of links to sites/pages external to the wiki. If you're referencing another Remedy game other than Alan Wake, use the Remedy Entertainment page by linking it as i.e. "Remedy Entertainment#Max Payne." Alan Wake itself has a separate page on the wiki. External links aren't necessary for platforms, real-world locations, etc., so, for example, New York City and PlayStation 4 don't need separate pages or links leading outside of the wiki.


  • Please observe generally polite and respectful behavior toward other users. Offensive language, spam, or other negative content will be removed.