Correspondence: Adventure Accepted is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

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Dearest Mr. Talbot,

My heartiest congratulations for achieving something that so few others have! Consider my curiosity thoroughly yours! For who wouldn't be intrigued when the United States government claims to need an expert spelunker to explore the depths of "a cave the likes of which no man has ever seen"?

A subterranean channel beneath the very heart of New York City is fascinating in and of itself. I have explored every cave system from Kentucky to Kathmandu, but a formation below America's own Big Apple is a welcome surprise. You are certainly building grand expectations. Do not let me down!

I have decided to come see this mystifying cave myself. My assistant will be in touch with the details of my arrival. As requested, I will avoid making an announcement to the press, but I cannot guarantee that my travels will slip past their notice. The world is always waiting for word of Robert Ricardo's next grand endeavor. Such is the burden of a globe-trotting man of adventure such as myself! Such is the way of adventure!

Keep Exploring,

Bob Ricardo

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