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“Unless You” – review by Cpt. Lopez

These days, most YA novels intertwine the “coming of age” story with either a contrived dystopian setting or a tragic romance. “Unless You” managed to do both.

In the story, the protagonist and her love interest search for a cure to a virus called "the Fix”, which is simultaneously killing her and spreading across the whole world. To find the cure, they go on expeditions into dangerous, uncharted territories (the people all live in walled cities now because dystopian future), and along the way they just have to fall in love.

I liked how we never got to know if the Fix was ever actually… fixed. The ending was bold, especially for YA. The main character succumbs to the Fix when she’s so close to the cure and commands her love interest to go on and save the world. She knows this is the end for her, but that the job can still get done. She dies out in the unknown, alone and surrounded by danger, but never loses sight of the goal. That’s a good soldier’s death.

I give this book 3/5. I feel most of the teenage angst is a little lost on me, but I’d recommend it to my brother’s kids.

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