Correspondence: Foundation Accident is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

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Mr. Wilder,

I have some bad news. You remember that Robert Ricardo fella we brought in as a "special consultant" to map the lower caves? Well, today he found a chamber with weird eyes covering every inch of the walls, and a strange black pillar in the center. Kinda looks like the one at the Crossroads, but smaller.

We had a Bureau member shadowing him, but whatever happened in there did a number on our guest. The docs are taking a look but it's pretty clear Mr. Adventure's exploring days are over.

I know we were careful to limit this guy's exposure to the non-ordinary (drugging him and carrying him through the upper floor was a real hoot, by the way), but we really need to re-evaluate our policies on external contractors. Honestly we'd be better off forming a special division trained in rappelling and orienteering than subjecting more outsiders to the shit we deal with. They almost always end up dead or loony.

- Marcus

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