Correspondence: Machine God is one of the collectibles in Control.

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I had a Dream and I built the thing I saw in my dream. A machine that will contain God, but not the God you know or the one anyone knows. A new God. This machine will be his body, his heart, and his mind. I made it just like the Dream showed me.

I used the motor from the refrigerator and the coils from my toaster and the fans plus the timing belt from my car's engine and the wheels from my son's  skateboard. God can't move yet, but the dream said he would learn how on his own. This is just a beginner's body. Like baby's but a machine instead. God only needs a place to start.

If you want to interview me, please contact me at the address on the envelope. My phone does not work anymore. I had to use the dialing plate on God.

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