Correspondence: Marshall: Lockdown Distinctions is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Pay attention, Alberto. This is the last time I'm explaining this.

Internal lockdowns are manually triggered events that lock one or all of the sectors by restricting use of the Sector Elevator, effectively locking staff in their sector until the emergency is handled. They can only be lifted via the Directorial Override in Maintenance once the Director is satisfied that the situation is under control.

External lockdowns are a bigger deal. Nothing in or out of the whole building. It’s only triggered by a code red containment breach, based on some complicated system that security and research slapped together. It can only be lifted once A) the threat has been neutralized and B) a high clearance individual gives the system the all clear. This process is NOT the same as the Directorial Override, so stop saying so in documentation!

I know it’s confusing as hell. I've told Darling a hundred times to change it, but they're adamant it stays the way it is. Honestly I don't think they even know how to change it at this point. Let’s just make sure our staff understand how this mess all works, OK?

- Marshall

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