Correspondence: Northmoor: Final Warning is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

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From the Desk of

Director Northmoor

To Dr. Theodore Ash Jr.,

As Director of the Federal Bureau of Control and chosen representative / liaison / benefactor of the greater authority of the Board, I demand your immediate withdrawal from the Foundation.

Prior memos issued broadly to Foundation staff called for swift reassignment of all personnel to the upper levels of the House. All staff complied except you. This demonstrates a lack of respect for my office and the Board itself.

This is their House and we are their guests. We should conduct ourselves accordingly. Normally, such insubordination would be grounds for dismissal, but, out of respect for your late father, consider this instead my final warning.

The Board and Director Ash chose me as successor to the office, and no amount of petulance will change that. Indeed, your actions seem to suggest you know better than myself, and by extension, the Board.

Permit me to assure you that that is not possible.


Director Broderick Northmoor

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