Correspondence: Northmoor: Medical Results is one of the collectibles in Expansion 1: The Foundation.

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From the Desk of

Director Northmoor


I have reviewed your report of my latest medical. I was disappointed to see that you believe my connection to the Service Weapon and the Board are "products of delusion brought on by the stresses of leadership."

You witnessed my feats firsthand. You yourself declared my body temperature "impossible". These are no delusions, they are the product of divine collaboration. The Board has awoken in me a power beyond your understanding and that power will only continue to grow. Your job is to merely ensure that I survive my gift, and with absolute discretion.

To that end, my gifts are best used with a degree of mystery that your needles and probes betray. No further medicals shall be required.

I forbid you to speak of this matter with your colleagues, especially Dr. Ash. Under no circumstances do I want him involved. Keep your mouth shut and keep me alive. The Board knows what I have become, and theirs is the only opinion that counts.


Director Broderick Northmoor

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