Correspondence: Travel Costs is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Week 83 Report


Visited the following Nevada accommodations: Desert Sun Inn, Big Sky Motel, Starlight Motel, Inn and Out, Aztec Court, Sleep-E-Bear Motel, Silver Spurs Ranch, El Gato Blanco Inn, A+ Lodge.


Accommodation - $831.29

Meals - $714.84

Gasoline - $295.12

Minibar* - $313.61

I do wonder if a motel called the “Oceanview” is going to be found in a landlocked state, but hey I guess I'm not paid to think, right? And, for the record, I AGAIN request that you give us the budget to get two rooms each night. Agent Rowley and myself are very tired of sleeping in the same room.

See you on the road, Agent L. Heinz

* The boys in research said performing rituals may help identify any Places of Power. Drinking those little whiskeys is my ritual.

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