Correspondence: Trench: Dead Letter Approval is one of the collectibles in Control.

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Greetings Director Trench,

I'd like to thank you for approving my request for the Dead Letters Archive. Cataloging the Bureau's collection of delinquent mail will provide an extremely handy database that research teams can use to search for any connections or related topics found among the letters.

Aside from the more functional purposes, the archive will allow us to preserve these windows into authentic human encounters with the paranatural world. The letters came to us from various places and times, gathered by the Postal Service as undeliverable. The Bureau is the perfect home for them. I realize not all letters contain accounts of genuine paranatural events, but even the erroneous ones allow us insight into how the unknown is perceived by real people.

Of course, I will first compile a system to allow us to analyze the letters for any information or suspected connections to AWEs and other altered materials.

So thank you again! Can't wait to delve into my dead letters!

P. Bartwell

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