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Jesse Faden

Dead in its Tracks is a side mission in the AWE expansion of Control. It becomes available after chasing Emil Hartman out of the Eagle Limited AWE area of the Investigations Sector during The Third Thing.


Mission start
Jesse decides to investigate the Train Altered Item.
Mission end
After experiencing the Train's altered effect, Jesse hopes she has resolved it.



After turning on the lights to defeat Hartman in the Eagle Limited AWE area, this mission will become available. Head to the door of the Eagle Limited Train Car, accessible from the side platform, and interact with it to "connect" with the Altered Item. As a result of the item's effects, Jesse will seemingly find herself inside the train car as it was on the date of the Eagle Limited AWE incident, furnished and well-lit but completely empty. The only things of note are several objects on top of the dining tables: a briefcase, a conductor's hat, a violin, a plate of food, a hammer, and a pile of mechanical parts. Interacting with each of them will play out a different audio scene:

  • Briefcase: An announcement from the intercom welcoming the train's passengers.
  • Conductor's hat: The train conductor announces the train's whereabouts and asks passengers for their tickets.
  • Violin: A jazz singer introduces a selection of music ahead of the dinner service.
  • Plate of food: Dinner is served.
  • Hammer: A fire is discovered and the passengers begin to panic while the conductor urges them to remain calm.
  • Mechanical parts: The train derails and crashes.

In order to progress the mission, the objects must be interacted with in the order listed above, reconstructing the order of events during the Eagle Limited AWE. After doing so, a door at the end of the train car will open, and can be used to exit the car, upon which the mission will complete. Jesse will reappear outside the door of the Eagle Limited Train Car. She will empathize with it, expressing hope that it will be able to stop replaying the traumatic experience.