I'd like to tell you about a dream I had last night. In my dream, the Hiss had broken free of this prison, this... house. At first, many people thought it was horrifying. But also... many people wanted to welcome the Hiss in.

–Dylan Faden, Control Story Trailer

Dylan Faden (known to the FBC as Prime Candidate 6 or P6) is the younger brother of Jesse Faden and a former candidate to become the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control.

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Early Life Edit

See Ordinary AWE

Prime Candidate 6 Edit

After being brought to the Federal Bureau of Control, Dylan was dubbed Prime Candidate 6 or P6, and groomed to become a candidate for the next Director under the supervision of Casper Darling. Dylan initially appeared quite promising; however, as his paranatural powers grew out of control, they began to result in Bureau casualties. While initially dismissing these events, Darling eventually relented after Dylan killed multiple FBC agents, and allowed for him to be moved to the P6 Cell in the Panopticon for the Bureau's safety. Dylan felt betrayed by this event and grew hateful of Darling and the Bureau.

Hiss Invasion Edit

During the Hiss invasion, Dylan fell under the influence of the Hiss; unlike its other victims, however, Dylan remained in control of his own mind, and regarded the Hiss as having liberated him from the Bureau. He voluntarily turned himself in to Bureau agents after escaping from the P6 Cell, encountering his sister Jesse Faden for the first time in seventeen years, who had recently become the FBC's Director. Dylan remained calm about the invasion and spoke to Jesse of his dreams, revealing to him various alternate worlds and extradimensional entities. While mostly kind toward Jesse, Dylan demonstrated extreme hostility toward Polaris, warning Jesse not to trust her and stating that Polaris was using her.

After Jesse went to retrieve the Slide Projector, Dylan disappeared and seemingly entered the Astral Plane through the Slide Projector, aiding the Hiss in its attempt to corrupt the Board. However, Jesse purged the Hiss from him, sending him into a coma.

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