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See, there's no guidebook for what we do here. Everything that happens at the Bureau, including the science, is without precedent.

–Emily Pope

Emily Pope is the current Head of Research at the Federal Bureau of Control and an ally of Jesse Faden.


Emily Pope is described as a "genius," a Bureau researcher who "hungrily drives into paranatural matters." Her constant drive to explore the unknown leads to her annoyance with Bureau protocol, including her superior Dr. Casper Darling withholding classified cases from her. During the Hiss invasion, Darling's disappearance leads Pope to be one of the only researchers left to study the Hiss, an experience she finds both terrifying and thrilling. Pope holds a cynical outlook toward the world, calling it "pretty shitty," but states that she would not want the Hiss to destroy it.

Over the course of time, she and Jesse Faden grow closer, and Jesse gradually begins to confide in her about her past.


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